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You can self-publish a book

Introduction - Transcript

Hello, my name is Judine Slaughter. Thank you for your interest in this course You Can Self-Publish A Book: Toss the Fears or Rejection.

America has a rich tapestry of different dialects throughout the landscape because of the different nationalities that have settled throughout the states. There are jargons and vocabulary particular to Maine that would not be understood by people in new Louisiana. A person might have to think twice about the literal meaning of words rather than the figurative meaning. When a writer takes time to publish their words into a manuscript, they usually write the same way they speak. The writer may be or the publisher might not understand their words or edit their words into another meaning or simply reject their word. These presumptions can stop the writer's motivation of becoming an author and then there are many companies on the Internet that can help a writer become a self-publisher, or at least that's a facade they claim. Most of these companies have hidden fees depending on how much the writer wants to put self into the self. Publishing a company has a good impression of making publishing easy. However they rely on the authors, the writers ignorance to what? The true meaning of self-publishing.

Although the book might have the writer turned author desire authors desired title and their name on the cover of a book, it is the international standard book number that determines the publisher to book salaries. The Barcode defines the publisher in the 13-digit number and if the writer did not set up a business and purchase the barcode, then they are not self-published. There are companies that can help a writer to truly self-publish without the fees or barcode.

This is what you will learn and you can self-publish a book.