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You can self-publish a book

Lesson Two - Transcript

Hello. My name is Judine Slaughter. This is the course You Can Self-Publish A Book-Lesson Two: You Are The Business.

From the day you were born you knew your target market. Babies learn how to cuddle and coop or well a moan for their parents' attention. Depending on the adult's response, infants modify their reaction until they get satisfaction. Children learn how to market themselves in the early stages of life. When it comes to self-publishing a book, you get stuck. Negative thoughts creep into play. I'm not an entrepreneur. I don't know how to operate a business, believe it or not.

Yes, you do know how to operate a business. Your style and personality are already selling you to your friends and colleagues. Now is the time to focus on paper, the marketing energy about yourself. Think of yourself not as a business person but as the business itself. Even though you are not selling anything for monetary value yet you are the business and we will write that business plan with four core concepts.

The first is your vision. Your vision statement is a positive motivating statement about yourself. You should be able to use this vision statement no matter what field of expertise you are in now or in the future. Here are a couple of the, here are three examples. One, I can, I can because I know I can or to surely goodness and mercy itself shall follow me all the days of my life or three. Success is mine, so substitute your name instead of the pro pronouns I my or mine with ever possible.

The second area is your team. You already have a team. These are not the people you would hire to publish your book. These are the people whom you interact with on a regular basis with them. Family and friends are not supportive, considered the postman, the grocery store clerk or the bus driver. You don't have to let them know they're on your team. Just write their names or positions and smile the next time you see them. If your business makes a profit, you might want to consider giving your team an unexpected bonus.

The third area is your business profile. For the purposes of this lesson, your business profile is your future resume. This resume will help you to stick your chest out and say, look at the fantastic things I can do. Feel free to use volunteer work or stay at home parenthood if those are your choices, whatever skills and abilities you can convert to yourself publishing business, do it.

Your fourth area is your economic statement so that no one skipped this step. Here are some easy instructions. Take a blank piece of paper folded in half on one side, right? How much money you earn each month after taxes. Post the paper on your refrigerator, start opening your mail in the kitchen as you receive your bills, write the monthly payments on the other half. See, that's not so bad, and the kitchen is the best place to keep track of your expenses because after you finish putting away the groceries, get the receipt and write down the total bill. Include this step with any other monthly payments for which you don't receive paper reminders. Once the month is finished, you have a complete list of your accounts receivable and your accounts payable.

Being aware of your finances is one of the most important steps of your, of the business, of you. You are on your way towards a self-publishing success.