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You can self-publish a book

Lesson Four - Transcript

Hello. My name is Judine Slaughter. This is the course You Can Self-Publish A Book: Lesson Four. This lesson is optional for those who do not plan on choosing a cover design or already have their cover design.

I recently had an online chat with the young man who was, who was upset about not being able to find a cover designer. He wrote a children's book and he wanted to put his words into print. When he asked the independent publisher for advice, they told him a coverage design will cost him a fortune. When he asked me what he should do, I gave him four options and hopefully you can use the advice, also.

The first suggestion is you can design the cover. Now, for those of you who are not professional artists, you're probably going in right now. I can't draw my pictures. Look at children, drew them. Nobody's going to buy a book with my artwork. Well, how do you know if you've never tried?

The second suggestion is to get out your camera. You can go to the mountains and take scenic shots. You can get up close to your up jet of choice so it's hard to see exactly what it is and create an abstract photo. You can go right outside your front door and staff photos of the birds and squirrels in your front yard. Take a ride on any form of transportation and get some great shots out the window.

The third suggestion is to grab your family photo album. Think out of, think about out of the box themes. This one is especially good if you have young children. Not only are you publishing your with written words, but every book creates a legacy for future generations. Don't forget you can use the crop feature to cut out any extra background scenes that you don't want.

The fourth suggestion is you can buy a photo. This is my last alternative because it can be kind of expensive and time consuming. It might take you several trips shopping around on the Internet until you feel you've got the right picture. Use your instincts, come consult someone else and ask if the picture you found matches your book topics before you buy. Definitely make sure it's the picture or a group of pictures that you want to use.

Do you get the picture yet? How many times have you gone in to the big store and simply scan the covers of the books before you actually picked one up? Try this on yourself the next time you want to buy a book. What caused you to pick up the first one? There are no obstacles or challenges, but plenty of room for creativity. Sometimes the most difficult situations are the best ideas. Let your creative juices start to bubble over.

Remember, you've got a book to publish and above all, don't let anyone steal your dream. If you have a goal, don't say words like no and can't or won't. Don't let them stick to you. You have to be really careful because the, the invisible adhesive to these words is so strong and it's hard to pull the words off of your skin. As soon as someone uses these words in a conversation about your book, throw them in your a mental incinerator.